The film festival was filled with lots of West African natives mostly from Ghana and Nigeria. It took place in the late evening around 6:30 PM on October 24 at The Shrine of the Black Madonna, a community center in 3rd ward. The setting featured lots of culture, food, art, and great people coming together to watch a documentary and discuss the making, creation, and history of West African garments.

The documentary was filmed in Ghana and brought back a sense of nostalgia for me. I reminisced about the time I had visited the country back in the summer of 2011. It was a study Abroad trip where I stayed in Ghana for over two weeks. I traveled throughout the country to different cities including the country’s capitol Accra, other cites such as Cape Coast and Kumasi. This was definitely a trip I will never forget. It was my first time in Africa but more importantly my first time abroad. I learned so much about the history of slavery, the people, and traditions that still linger amongst the natives. I was able to connect with the people and children in the village, and for the first time ever I felt a since of community, a place where I belong.

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