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More often than not, when we think of setting goals, we refer to career goals or personal goals, such as, weight loss, etc. Personally, I believe that there is such-a-thing as: setting beauty goals. I also believe that every woman should have aspiration-based goals toward them.

It’s true, beauty goals can give us the confidence we need to ask that guy we’ve been crushing on, out on a date.

Shadana Miranda

It’s true, beauty goals can give us the confidence we need to ask that guy we’ve been crushing on, out on a date, or finally show off your sense of humor at work; something you’ve been hiding for quite a while, or even just to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.

I’m going to share a few basic, start-up beauty goals with you, ones I highly recommend:

Take care of your skin. Your skin is the first thing people look at when you come into contact with them. In taking care of your skin, I would suggest finding a good, daily cleanser to keep your face refreshed and free from blemishes and breakouts. I personally use, and strongly recommend Neutrogena products, as they are one of the top, affordable skin care lines — for all skin types. Another way to take care of your skin, is to get facials once a month; getting a facial will cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin. This is highly recommended because it fosters a well hydrated look.

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Take time to apply make-up every day. Ladies, I’m not referring to a full-blown face… like you just walked a runway in a fashion show, or recently visited the mac store and got your makeup done. I’m referring to quick, simple, and easy beauty tips to highlight your look. This will include: wearing lipstick, applying mascara to your eyelashes, and a adding a touch of blush to your cheeks. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, refer to my video tutorial here: Quick and Easy Beauty Tips

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Make it a priority to wear high heel shoes once a week. Maybe you work a job that doesn’t require you to dress up, or you don’t feel comfortable walking in heels, whatever it is, make it an effort to dress yourself up once a week. If you have to do it on the weekend or on your only off day throughout the week. When you look good, you feel good. Get into that feeling, despite it being once a week will still give off the energy and confidence you need to conquer the world. You begin to feel better about your appearance on a daily basis and you have something to look forward to every week.

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Ladies, celebrate your beauty — and feel good about it!



Hi I’m Shadana Miranda, a fashion expert and creator of the Influential Petite. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA., but I’m currently making my mark in Houston, TX. My goal is to help women look and feel empowered through fashion and beauty. When I’m not creating content, I enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling to different countries to explore other cultures. My favorite country to date is Japan where I fell in love with the Japanese street fashion in Ginza, the shopping district in Tokyo.


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