As busy women, self care is something we should always include in our daily routine. However we tend to take care of everything and everyone but ourselves sometimes. We get caught up in work, things to do, places to go, and people we must see that we forget to stop for a second and put ourselves first with a bit of self care. I too can be guilty of it as well.

Let’s take a moment and collectively do better as women. I’ve put together a self care list of 3 DIY’s that are very achievable. These 3 things will allow for some self pampering on a daily bases and save you a ton of money. So let’s dive in!

  1. Number one on my list of DIY self care is Facials
DIY Facial mask

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Give yourself a facial. You can do this with a simple store bought facial mask. The mask can be applied at night about an hour before bedtime or on a weekend when you’re in the house and have a bit of free time. I highly recommend trying this because it helps rejuvenate your skin, cleans your pores, and gives you that facial glow you may have been needing for a long time. You can purchase a mask for less that 5 bucks at Walmart, Target, or your local convenience store such as Walgreen’s and CVS.

2. Tip 2 is something I participate in regularly Hot Baths.

perfect relaxing bath

I absolutely love taking hot baths and do so at least 4 times a week. I take showers as well but taking a shower is quick and easy. Why settle for quick and easy when you can enjoy a bit of relaxation for a moment. I believe when you sit in a hot bath you can collect your thoughts, relax, and mediate with a bit of self reflection. I like to sprinkle some Epsom salt and light a candle to set the mood.  I would recommend listening to some relaxing meditation music every so often. According to research, listening to meditation music while relaxing in a hot bath can help with memory retention and trigger a specific area in your brain that causes you to be more attentive. Hot baths has also been linked to reducing stress and balancing your body’s pH levels.

3. My third and final recommendation is to Rub essential oils on your body.

self massage

Massaging oils on your body is a form of pampering yourself. Consider doing it after you get out of the shower or after a hot bath. Essential oils with its many different scents have been known to be antidepressant, stimulating, and calming. Essential Oils have gotten really popular over the past 5 years and have been used as an aroma therapy to address health concerns. People tend to use the oils as an alternative for medicines.

Whatever you do, be your own self care advocate and make it apart of your daily routine. Women, let’s make sure our mind, body, and spirits are taken care of.

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Hi I’m Shadana Miranda, a fashion expert and creator of the Influential Petite. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA., but I’m currently making my mark in Houston, TX. My goal is to help women look and feel empowered through fashion and beauty. When I’m not creating content, I enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling to different countries to explore other cultures. My favorite country to date is Japan where I fell in love with the Japanese street fashion in Ginza, the shopping district in Tokyo.

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