Ladies can we talk! We all have passions and things that we love doing or wanna pursue, however we don’t always pursue those things because self doubt tend to kick in or we don’t know how were going to accomplish those things and keep up with our current lifestyle.

Well let me tell you, if we don’t at least try to pursue the things that we’re passionate about we will always be in that “what if” stage. A quick scenario, I have been at my current job for close to one year now. I really like my job but for the past several months I was feeling like something was missing. Almost as if a piece of me needed to be in another place or doing something else. I decided to pray about it, meditate, and even fast. But for some reason I felt like God wasn’t speaking to me or in the way I wanted to hear him.

Just a little backstory. I currently work in an administrative role at my job. Everyday during the week I dress up and wear heels, I get style compliments on a regular basis. Well one day while at work about a little over a month ago, as I was walking to my desk, a co-worker stopped me and said “I absolutely love your style”, if you had a Pinterest board I would follow all your styles. That compliment warmed my heart for the rest of the day. Coming from a person who regularly receives style compliments, it was something different and encouraging about my coworkers admiration that day. It then hit me and I instantly got inspired. My love for fashion was missing from my life, not just dressing up and looking nice to make an impression everyday but the need to inspire women through fashion. My co-worker was the messenger sent from God.

A week later from that day, I was motivated and moved to pursue a career as a Fashion Influencer and inspire others in the process. I decided to put together a plan of what I would do, how I could do it, and focus on being consistent with it. The plan was to take photos everyday in my work wear, post to Instagram everyday at least once a day, start my blog again which is what I’m doing now, and of course create my own Pinterest board and post my daily outfit photos. I even picked up an accountability partner along the way who I check in with every Monday at 7:30 PM and she makes sure to hold me accountable of all these task every single week.

As a result of my consistency in everything. I am enjoying blogging more than I ever did before, it’s almost like therapy for me. My Instagram engagement is increasing. My Pinterest page went from 2.5k monthly viewers to 7.2k viewers in just one month. All of my outfit pins are getting impressions and a few of my pins are being saved to other people’s boards 🙂

I can honestly say that I have something to look forward to everyday and I’m passionately living my life with a purpose and inspiring women in the process.

Someone is out there and you may be reading this blog post, you feel stuck in life and you’re searching for your purpose or you want to live your life and do something you truly enjoy. I say go for it, don’t give up on yourself. Slowly tread the water and start doing the things you truly love and enjoy on the side. If you are unsure about anything, I would encourage you to meditate and pray. God does answer prayers, it may not always come in the form or time we want it, but I’m sure he will answer your prayers. Just trust and believe.

Follow your passions in life and never settle for complacency becuase over time it will eat you up inside and you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

Lots of love and encouragement, let me know if you can relate, share your story in the comment section.


The Influential Petite.


Hi I’m Shadana Miranda, a fashion expert and creator of the Influential Petite. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA., but I’m currently making my mark in Houston, TX. My goal is to help women look and feel empowered through fashion and beauty. When I’m not creating content, I enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling to different countries to explore other cultures. My favorite country to date is Japan where I fell in love with the Japanese street fashion in Ginza, the shopping district in Tokyo.


  1. Very powerful and true; thank you for encouraging us as women to put aside our fears and go after what sets our heart on fire! You are truly and inspiration as a career woman, but mostly as a person; you deserve everything that God has for you! ❤️

    • shadanamiranda Reply

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad this post was able to resonate with you. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

  2. Live life with a purpose! I enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to the next post 🙂

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