Dressing for a first date can be intimidating, but also exciting. As women, we don’t want to overdo it, and we for sure don’t want to underdress. But the question remains: How do we bring out our sex appeal and look effortless doing it? As petite women, it’s important that we choose the best options for our size. To help you find the perfect look, I have listed five easy tips below.

Wear a color that compliments your skin.

Tip # 1

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Skin (in Moderation)

Always show off the best asset of your body—whether it be your legs, arms, midriff, etc.—but do so in good taste. Don’t overexpose your body on the first date. For example, if you have great arms, try wearing an off-the-shoulder top or one with spaghetti straps to complement the features you already have. Pair it with jeans or pants; don’t go for shorts or a miniskirt that will overexpose you. Remember, it’s just the first date.

Here is an example of a great off-the-shoulder look paired with some jeans:

Photo - Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Skin

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tip # 2

Wear a Color that Complements Your Skin

Complementary colors will make you look more appealing. It’s best to stand out on the first date, and this color trick will do just that. Check out the images below for ideas of some colors to test out on your complexion.

Olive to light skin tones:

Photo - Wear a Color that Complements Your Skin

Pale to fair skin tones:

Photo - Pale to fair skin tones

Medium to dark skin tones:

Photo - Medium to dark skin tones

Tip #3

Dress for Comfort

Avoid clothing that is too uncomfortable and shoes that may be too tight. If your attire isn’t comfortable, you won’t feel good on the date. The key is to both look and feel good. If you look good and feel comfortable, you will be more likely to open up and have a good time.

Take a look at one example of attire you should avoid on a first date:

Photo - Tight DressPhoto Credit: Pinterest

While this dress may appear cute and look good for partying, it may not be the most comfortable choice for a first date. For example, when you sit down, the dress may rise up and even feel fairly snug.

Tip #4:

Wear Sexy Heels

A sexy pair of heels should always complete your look. As a petite woman, you will more than likely be the shorter person on the date. A pair of heels can make you look bold, stand taller, and feel confident. Here are a few examples of sexy heels perfect for a date night:

Tip #5:

Wear Perfume

Ladies, smelling good is important. A few research studies suggest that smelling good can increase your attractiveness to the person you are on a date with. However, I do recommend applying a small amount in case the other person is allergic to bold scents. Here are a few examples of perfumes you can wear on a first date:

For a sweet scent, I recommend Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy RoseRetail Price: varies from $35 to $40 online

For a stronger scent, I recommend Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Retail Price: $79

If you are allergic to perfume sprays, oil perfumes are a good alternative. I love oil-based perfumes: they work just as well and last a very long time—sometimes even longer than a spray perfume, depending on how much you use at a time. Here are two of my recommendations:

Perfume - Photo

And lastly, while on the date, remember to relax, have fun, and smile! The sexiest thing a woman can do is be herself. Good luck, ladies!

For more of a visual and how it done, check the video out here: Watch Video on tips to style yourself for a first date

How have your first dates gone? Leave a comment below and let me know what you wore on your first date with your significant other!


Hi I’m Shadana Miranda, a fashion expert and creator of the Influential Petite. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA., but I’m currently making my mark in Houston, TX. My goal is to help women look and feel empowered through fashion and beauty. When I’m not creating content, I enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling to different countries to explore other cultures. My favorite country to date is Japan where I fell in love with the Japanese street fashion in Ginza, the shopping district in Tokyo.


  1. I love these tips. My HLP and I have taken to courting each other again, his words not mine, so I want to do all of these. I love it!!

    • Awesome Angela, Let me know how it works out. I’m glad you like the tips. I’m sure you and your husband will have a great time on date nights.

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