We all have fears or have at least experienced one, but having a fear of something can sometimes hinder us from being great. We get emotionally caught up on why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. Why is that? Why do we have fears? Our fears can stem from a traumatic experience in the past or it could be from a childhood experience. Some of us have daily reminders of what someone told us ‘we couldn’t do’ which led to a hindering thought stuck in the back of our minds. Well folks, I’m here to tell you, “Yes you can”. Its time to prove yourselves and others wrong. In order to really live our best lives, we must let go of our fears. 

In order to really live our best lives, we must let go of our fears. 

                                                             Shadana Miranda

From my own personal experience in the past, I had just graduated from college and started working a pretty good job. However, after about 8 months of being on the job I instantly realized that I wasn’t as happy as I could be. My soul yearned to continue traveling and become an entrepreneur. Working on the job had only allowed me two weeks of vacation a year and it was hard for me to put the time and effort I needed into launching a business if I continued to work my 40 hour a week job.

After about 7 months of giving it some thought, I decided to step out on faith and resign from my job. I traveled to Haiti for a week to participate in a service trip and then off to Spain for three months where I lived with a host family. To be completely honest it was one of the most liberating things I had ever done in life other than deciding to stop using chemicals in my hair and “Go Natural”. Once I returned home from Spain, I started working on launching an online retail company. That experience was a lesson of learning so many things.

If I can fast forward to present day now. Doing those things I talked about aforementioned was not all peaches and cream, quitting my job and launching a business was definitely stressful and had lots of ups and downs. It cost me a ton financially but more importantly emotionally. But if I had the opportunity to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing, it was well worth it.  Unfortunately I was not able to get my business up in the time I needed to in order to actually earn a profit. I ended up going back to work, somewhere else of course. As of today I am still in the process of learning and working towards becoming a business owner. But if I didn’t do those things aforementioned I would have always regretted it. I also wouldn’t be the confident and proud woman I am today.  Over the course of time,  I’ve come to the realization that I am an Employer not an employee, but its important that I work as an employee before I can become a great boss. 

In all this I say, if we don’t let go of our fears, step out on faith and dive in the deep end, we will never know what’s truly in store for us. Below I’ve put together a list of 3 ways to overcoming your fears! 

Be Bold and do the opposite

If it’s something you greatly fear, why not go ahead and do the opposite of whatever it is. For example if you are afraid of heights. Why not take the initiative to go skydiving. What better way to get over your fear of heights than to go skydiving.

Stay Positive

Having positivity around you may change your life. That includes surrounding yourself with positive people, leave those negative Betty’s at home.  Not only does having positivity include people but it also includes surrounding yourself with positive quotes and notes. Write a positive note to yourself and post it in your room on your mirror or on the bathroom mirror. Post your favorite quote on your phone and on your computer screen. Purchase more wall art that has uplifting words in it.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Failing is most people’s fear or thinking you will fail if you try something new. If we don’t put ourselves out there, we will never know what’s on the other side of the shore. People who let their fears control them, live their life with anxiety and sometimes even depression. Those things are not good for your mental health. I highly encourage you to let go of your fear of flying and take that international trip to Bali, I heard it’s quite beautiful out there. Or you can pack up from the cold in Washington DC and make that big move to Dallas, TX . You might actually enjoy it. You know you’re a southern girl at heart. Besides, the weather is warmer and the cost of living is much more affordable.


Whatever it may be, ladies just do it. Failure is not the end of the world and we don’t need to live up to anybody’s expectations but our own. And after all, It’s only a failure if you don’t get back up and try again.

Be inspired,

The influential Petite.

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Hi I’m Shadana Miranda, a fashion expert and creator of the Influential Petite. I’m originally from New Orleans, LA., but I’m currently making my mark in Houston, TX. My goal is to help women look and feel empowered through fashion and beauty. When I’m not creating content, I enjoy outdoor adventures and traveling to different countries to explore other cultures. My favorite country to date is Japan where I fell in love with the Japanese street fashion in Ginza, the shopping district in Tokyo.


  1. Wow, I was so inspired by this article. I never wanted it to end, I wanted to just keep reading and reading. This was a superb short read with lots of fundamentals to overcoming your fears. I will definitely put these things into practice.

    • shadanamiranda Reply

      Keya, I’m glad you were inspired by this article. I can’t wait to hear about your success story when you put these goals into practice.

  2. I was really inspired after reading your article. Stepping out on Faith and following your dreams is a must. I’m so proud of you and your Achievements.

    • Thank you, I’m glad I could inspire you. I hope you can go out and do something bold. Be the change you want to see.

  3. Very inspiring and thought provoking Shadana! I have experienced the joys of stepping out on faith and starting my own business; as well as having to return to another job working for someone else. Continue to push through and watch what God do! My motto is: “If you don’t follow your dreams, you end up working for someone who did.” Continue to dream big no matter where you are in life; I no I don’t. Remember: What God has for you won’t pass you by!

    • shadanamiranda Reply

      Thank you Ms. Sharon for the inspiration and I love that quote by the way. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, but it’s fulfilling when you can finally see the fruits of your labor. Thanks for reading.

  4. Carrie Stringer Reply

    I love your posts! You are a constant inspiration to me! Keep going; you already are a huge success in my book, but you will be your own boss one day! You’ve got this!

    • Thank you Carrie for your awesome words of encouragement. Words have power and I appreciate you speaking positive affirmations over me and my life.

  5. Great post! Yes for me I have to be bold. So I’ll keep that in mind, “do the opposite”. Pretty cool to learn some of your story.

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