Fall season is finally here in Houston, TX. While the weather isn’t as cold as it is up north or in the Midwest, Houston weather is feeling quite nice. I’m loving the sunny days with a touch of breeze. I don’t always need a jacket but I can still wear my scarfs and boots occasionally. The weather tends to be cool in morning and warmer during the day. Just a heads up, don’t be alarmed that my attire and fashion statements are a bit schizophrenic, Houston weather can be a bit moody and inconsistent. One day it may be cold and raining, the next day it may be warm and feel like a cool summer. No matter what, I’m taking the good with the bad. Check out some of my styles below and let me know what you think.

cheetah print outfit
Leaving my prints everywhere I go 🙂
Green fall dress
happy moments
cross body fur and midi skirt
This look was so unique and so effortless
fall African inspired look
My African inspired fall look, well my elephant pants are taking me back to my time in the motherland
petite work wear
The Ms. Dainty look

This past week I wore a variety of shades of pink just about every day. Although pink happens to be my favorite color, I don’t get a chance to wear the color as often as I would like. I honestly don’t have a lot of clothes featuring the color pink in my closet. Usually I buy pink accessories such as coffee mugs, earrings, lipstick, phone case, etc. you get the gist.

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